A Look into Our New Collection: Unearthed Treasures!

Our AW19 collection has just landed and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Inspired by the strong, loving and brave women in our lives, we designed this collection to celebrate female empowerment, personal growth and love. The pieces are perfect for everyday wear and will complete your festive looks by adding a shining touch of detail to them.

Discover our favourite pieces from our Unearthed Treasures collection and get to know the meaning behind them!

We’re mad about sun and moon inspired jewellery, so our Unearthed Collection includes some reimagined favourites. The necklaces and earrings’ raw texture makes them the perfect everyday statement pieces that at the same time make the perfect accessory to dress up your evening outfits. Treat yourself to one of these beautiful pieces, or choose to gift them to the women in your life who inspire you with their positive energy.

Our new collection explores one of this season’s key jewellery trends: raw and organic surface textures. The pieces’ rough shapes make them the ultimate pieces to create a vintage-inspired look, as they remind us of old heirlooms. To complete the vintage look, we’ve designed some new chains: figaro and rope chains, another must-have fashion trend that we can’t get enough of! Figaro and rope chain necklaces add an interesting touch of detail to your look and look great alone as well as adorned with a charm or medallion pendant.

Inspired by our travels to India, we’ve designed our Hindu Coin Necklaces. These lucky heirlooms are believed to bring good luck and will inspire you to achieve your goals. The jewellery’s unearthed look reminds us of ancient foreign cultures, making them a must-have for the eternal travellers amongst us. Create a carefully curated layered look by pairing them with other Muru necklaces.

This intricate necklace pictures Buddha sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree, an iconic Buddhist symbol. The tree represents growth, development and connection. Wear this unique necklace to remind yourself of how our journey has made you the person you are today, and gift it to a family member to remind them of the connection between different family generations!

Trends come and go, but some classic pieces simply never go out of style. Time to adorn your ears with our brand new Hoop Earrings, featuring sun, moon, rock and horseshoe designs. They make the perfect everyday statement piece that dress up any outfit and they’ll give you that moment in the spotlight during the festive season.

If there’s one jewellery trend you should know about, it’s T-Bar necklaces & bracelets. We’ve designed these classic pieces to inspire you to strive for balance in your life. Let these delicate pieces of jewellery remind you that a balanced life is a happy life and gift them to a loved one to wish them inner peace and harmony with this fashion must-have!

Our Unearthed Collection pieces are designed to celebrate the most important women in our lives who are an inspiration to us and who we couldn’t live without. Gift them a classic necklace, an effortlessly wearable bracelet or a stunning pair of earrings to empower them every day!

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