Care Guide & Warranty


Every piece of Muru Jewellery has a 12-month warranty so you can buy with confidence. We will repair or replace pieces that have a manufacturing fault or defect if our care guide has been followed and they are returned back to us within 12 months of purchase. 

If you notice any fault with your Muru jewellery within the warranty period, please refrain from wearing this piece and contact us right away with a photo and your order number so we can find the best way to proceed with the repair. 

Our warranty does not cover lost or stolen items, misuse, third-party repairs (please contact us first for any repair advice) or stretched items.

If you have any problems, contact us by email or telephone on 020 3735 5656 and we will help to resolve the issue.

Care Guide

Each piece of Muru Jewellery has been crafted to the highest quality in sterling silver with the option of 18ct gold vermeil or 18ct rose gold vermeil. Our jewellery is nickel-free and perfect for everyday wear!

We create every piece to be worn on rotation and loved for years to come. Our silver pieces will last a lifetime, our gold vermeil plated pieces can last for years with a little care. Precious metals can be affected by chemicals found in things like perfumes, body lotions and sun creams. Putting on your jewellery once you have finished dressing will minimise the effects of these chemicals.

How should I store my jewellery?

When you're not wearing your Muru jewellery, keep it in a dark and dry place, like the jewellery box that your Muru piece came with. If you no longer have your original box, keeping it in a jewellery box or jewellery pouch works just as well. Giving your jewellery a quick polish after wearing it to ensure any chemicals and moisture are removed will ensure your jewellery stays in good condition.

How can I take care of my sterling silver jewellery?

Each of our sterling silver pieces is plated with rhodium. Rhodium is a member of the platinum metal group, so it's more scratch resistant and is more resistant to tarnishing. Rhodium-plated sterling silver is the best kind of silver jewellery to buy as it has longevity and it's perfect for everyday wear.

If your silver jewellery has come into contact with chemicals from everyday products or it's starting to look a little lacklustre, gently polish it with a silver polishing cloth to brighten it up. We recommend polishing your silver jewellery every month or so if you wear it regularly, it's also best to polish it before storing. 

What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil jewellery has a solid sterling silver base and a much thicker coating of 18ct gold (at least 2.5 microns). To ensure the best qualitywe use a 3-micron plating.

The reason we love gold vermeil is it gives you a high quality, beautiful and long lasting piece of jewellery that's much more affordable than solid gold. It's also great for people with sensitive skin as it's made from precious metals i.e. nickel free!

Gold vermeil jewellery is a much higher quality than regular plated jewellery. Plated jewellery often features a thin layer of gold on top of cheap mixed metals that may discolour or cause allergies. 

How do I take care of gold vermeil jewellery?

By taking good care of your gold vermeil jewellery, it will preserve the longevity of each piece. Follow these simple steps to make the most of your vermeil jewellery:• Always remove your jewellery before bathing or swimming.• When you're getting ready for the day, always put your jewellery on last to minimise the contact with chemicals found in perfumes and lotions etc.• Regularly give your jewellery a gentle polish with a microfibre or gold polishing cloth and ensure any chemicals or moisture on the jewellery have been removed before storing.• Gold vermeil rarely tarnishes, but very occasionally if it's been exposed to moist air or chemicals it doesn't agree with, you may notice a brown spot appearing on the surface - simply polish this off with a polishing cloth and it should look good as new!Like most of the best things in life, the better care you take of your jewellery the longer it will last.

And what about pearls?

All of our pearls are real, natural freshwater pearls. We handpick each pearl for it's quality and lustre. If you look closely, you'll see a pastel rainbow of colours glowing on the surface.

Store your pearls in a soft pouch (think satin, velvet or silk) and try to wear them regularly.

 Have any more questions? Simply drop us an email at and we will be happy to help you!