Meet Amazonite!

Introducing our brand new Amazonite collection. Designed to give you a wellbeing boost, this collection will have you looking chic whilst feeling zen.   

Amazonite is a natural gemstone, with a vibrant hue that can easily transport us to the calming waters of a tranquil island. The blue green colour makes the perfect pop of colour to your everyday look. As a pendant, Amazonite is eye-catching, with a smooth, polished surface that reflects the light beautifully with every movement. 

Whilst looking gorgeous, this stone is also prized for its healing properties and soothing aura. Amazonite attracts positive energy whilst dispelling negativity and alleviating our worries. It also inspires optimism in those who wear it, as well as boosting their inner strength and confidence. Amazonite serves as a gentle reminder to find moments of tranquility in our busy lives. 

The collection features necklaces, with beaded and belcher chains as well as hoop earrings and a layering set. The set features the Amazonite necklace with bead chain as well as a gold Figaro chain, to give you everything you need for the perfect everyday stack. 

The collection was designed with versatility in mind. Whether you're dressing up for drinks, or looking to elevate your everyday - these pieces are the perfect addition to your outfit.

The collection is a special one, made with meaning in mind. The Amazonite pieces allow you to elevate your style whilst benefiting from their healing properties. 


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