Graduation Presents For Her!

After all that hard work, show them how proud you are with a unique and meaningful graduation present!
Our graduation gifts are designed to celebrate their achievement and bring positivity and wellbeing for the exciting future ahead.
Our Talisman keepsake necklaces say it all… choose from graduation presents that inspire freedom, happiness and good luck and make their university graduation the start of an exciting adventure!

Talisman for New Beginnings
The Acorn is the emblem for prosperity and new beginnings, bringing good luck with new adventures! The new Graduate will love this irresistibly wearable talisman to remind them of their huge achievement and to bring them good fortune during their next steps in life.
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Talisman for Freedom
The swallow is regarded as the bird of freedom – recognised for its swiftness of flight & free spirit, the swallow necklace makes a unique keepsake to commemorate the Graduate’s new found independence whether they’re going travelling or beginning their first career.
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Talisman for Ambition
The key is the talisman for ambition and success, helping you unlock your dreams with your full potential! This key to life is the perfect gift to show them how proud you are of what they have achieved.
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Health & Happiness
The Purity Mandala represents health and happiness for the future. Whether they are off to see the world or coming back home, give the gift of happiness with this versatile talisman collection.
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Talisman for Good Luck
The wishbone is a well known symbol of good fortune and wishes granted, perfect for wishing the new graduate well and to bring them luck with their bright future.
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