How to Choose BFF Necklaces for You and Your Best Friend

Celebrate your friendships with meaningful matching necklaces from Muru Jewellery. While the right necklace can effortlessly elevate your look, it can also symbolise something sincerely special that you can hold close to your heart each day. Friendship necklaces are a thoughtful gift for birthdays, personal milestones and special occasions. We know every friendship is unique so we’ve picked out some of our favourite unique necklaces for best friends, whether it’s for you and your life long best friend, a bestie who has just moved away or best friend necklaces for 3 or more…
Connection Necklace for Two
Searching for best friend necklaces for 2? This pendant is a classic emblem of friendship and the special connection shared by BFFs. The two minimal interlinking circles symbolise the unbreakable bond between you and your kindred spirit. Sentimental and subtle, the connection necklace represents an everlasting and unconditional friendship. Select one for you and your BFF in silver, gold or rose gold. This pendant makes ideal friendship necklaces for 2, representing your love and unique connection. Give this to your bestie to encapsulate all the amazing memories you’ve shared, and treat yourself to one too so you can keep your bond strong when you’re apart!
Mini Crescent Moon Necklace for Multiple Besties
Have more than one bestie? Our mini crescent moons make great friendship necklaces for 3, 4 or 5 of your best friends! Manifest the power of the moon with your besties and become unstoppable together. The moon is a symbol of female empowerment. They remind us to celebrate the incredible women in our lives, making them the perfect BFF necklaces. Embrace girl power and let your besties know that you love them to the moon and back.
Mini Folded Heart Choker for Long Distance BFFs
What better way to show your love and appreciation than a classic heart necklace? The heart represents strength, purity and devotion, making it a thoughtful and meaningful jewellery piece for you and your bestie. Our mini folded heart choker is a stylish and unique choice that is ideal for long distance best friends.
TOP TIP: Keep your BFF close to your heart when you are far away by getting your initial hand stamped on their necklace, and vice versa. With your initial on your best friends heart choker, they will always be reminded of your connection and love for one another.
Acorn Necklace for a Childhood Friendship
Friendship necklaces can be the perfect way to commemorate a lifelong friendship that began at childhood. Let that special person know how lucky you feel to have them in your life. This necklace will remind you both of all the memories you’ve created, big and small. A mighty oak tree grows from a tiny acorn, this reflects the way in which best friends allow you to grow and encourage you to reach potentials through their endless appreciation and support.

Best friend necklaces are the quintessential gift for you and your beautiful BFF. Our guide offers unique jewellery pieces to represent all fabulous friendships. Celebrate love, bonds and kindred spirits with our meaningful necklaces for best friends. Discover our complete collection of friendship necklaces to celebrate every kind of friendship.
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