Muru x Treesisters: Planting a tree for every Black Friday order!

This Black Friday, we’re excited to announce that for the second year running we’ll be planting a tree for EVERY order during the Black Friday week in association with TreeSisters. For every order you place between November 24th & December 1st, we will make a donation on your behalf to plant a tree! We’re always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint as a company, so teaming up with Treesisters is our way of giving back to the environment at our busiest time of year!

Who are TreeSisters?

TreeSisters is an amazing cause very close to our hearts, so we’re very proud to support them! As a large part of our jewellery is centered around female empowerment, there’s perhaps no cause that aligns more with our ethics than TreeSisters, a female-led organisation that aims to reforest the tropics through feminine nature-based leadership & shared creativity!

“When women gather, something else becomes possible. Ours is a different kind of power, a different kind of responsiveness, receptivity, subtlety and co-creativity. We need to gather, to inspire and encourage each other because it’s time for a different relationship with life on this planet of ours.”

~ Clare Dubois, Founder & CEO, TreeSisters


We’re excited to help TreeSisters transform our planet in extraordinary ways and make the world a better place for future generations!

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