The 8 New Year’s Resolutions We’re Making For 2020

Carry a more positive outlook on life. Never stop believing in our endless potential. Love unconditionally and live life with passion. These are some of our resolutions for the new year to come! In 2019, our favourite meaningful necklaces, bracelets and earrings not only elevated our daily looks, they also empowered us whenever we needed it, and we can’t wait to feel even more inspired in 2020!
If you haven’t completely figured out how you want to make the most of 2020, we’d like to give you some inspiration for your new year’s resolutions. We’ve been inspired by the meanings behind each piece of Muru jewellery so we can manifest happiness, personal growth and positivity in our daily lives!
Embark on a new adventure
Our “New Beginnings” collection features the acorn pendant, an emblem of prosperity. The pieces are designed to inspire you to embrace change while celebrating new adventures. Every new year feels like a new chapter in life, so why not embark on a new adventure in 2020? Whether you’ve got big plans this year and you’re setting off to travel the world, moving to a new home or starting a new career, or you want to make small changes in your life by finding a new hobby or changing up your personal style, our acorn necklace will bring you good luck with every milestone, big or small!
Learn from the past and move forward
Our Karma necklace features 3 intertwined strands, a symbol of unity and balanced living, connecting you to your past, present and future. This piece reminds us that our experiences in the past have made us become the person we are today. This encourages us to learn and to grow in the future so we can become the person we strive to be! Take a moment to reflect on 2019 and think of those moments that truly made you happy, it’ll give you an insight in what you find important in life and what you should do more of in the new year!
Carry a more positive outlook on life
If there’s one resolution we want to stick to, it’s being more positive in the New Year! Our Positivity Feather Collection is centred around positivity and inspires us to carry a lighter and brighter outlook on life. With our positivity jewellery, we want to encourage you to not let a bad day get you down in 2020 and to take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for! May our positivity feather necklaces, earrings and bracelets help you with that.
Take control & live the life you want!
Our much-loved moon necklaces, earrings and bracelets inspire female empowerment and influence. We designed them with the brave, strong and loving women in our lives in mind. In 2020, we want you to always believe in your endless potential and empower and lift up the women around you. Take chances, stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen!
Spend more time with loved ones
How could this not be on our list of new year’s resolutions? In a world where we always seem to be busy, we tend to forget how important it is to spend time with loved ones. Our “My Rock Collection” features the rock design which is symbolic of love and support. Let it inspire you to spend more time with the people who love you unconditionally and cherish those precious moments together!
Focus on personal growth
Another new year’s resolution we’re adding to our list is taking a moment for ourselves now and then. No matter how important it is to surround yourself with friends and family, making time for You is important for both your physical and mental health and will help you to become the best version of yourself! Along with pampering yourself, why not spend a moment reflecting on how you’ve grown, the difficulties you’ve overcome and how you’ve managed to achieve certain goals! Our Tree of Life necklace is designed to inspire personal growth, and encourages us to be strong, follow our own path and keep growing.
Embrace your inner goddess
Our goddess coin necklaces are the ultimate pieces to wear whenever we want to feel empowered and need a boost of confidence. The much-loved goddess Aphrodite inspires us to live our life with passion, while Athena motivates us to believe in ourselves. Durga, another one of our favourites, protects us on our life journey. Together, they inspire us to find new things to be passionate about and to embrace the goddess within us!
Be healthier…inside and out
A healthy life is a happy life! We’re not saying that you should hit the gym every day of the week or completely avoid junk food, because let’s be honest…we all know it’s difficult to commit to these goals past January! Why not put the focus on finding balance in your daily life? Our Purity Mandala necklace promotes health and wellbeing and motivates us to find healthy habits that suit our lifestyle, whether it’s walking to work, finding a new hobby or limiting the amount of time we spend on those Netflix binges!
We’re excited to embrace positivity, happiness, wellbeing, and personal growth in this New Year and we hope you are too!
May 2020 be a good one!
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