The Perfect Gifts for the Inspiring Women in Your Life

Is there anything better than gifting a loved one a piece of truly personal jewellery and watching their face light up as they open the box? To make your life a bit easier we’ve unearthed a few treasures that all the special and inspiring women in your life will love…
Whether you’re looking for a gift for that friend who’s always travelling, your mother whose support is endless or that girl who inspires you with her adventurous and spontaneous spirit, they’ll love these pieces of jewellery and will appreciate how the meaning behind them matches their personality and journey!
She’s the hopeless romantic with a soft heart, the dreamer who wishes she was born in a different era and she likes everything vintage and old-fashioned. She has a vivid imagination, is a good storyteller and makes great company because of her calming effect on others. She inspires you to appreciate the little things in life and to find beauty in simplicity.
What to gift her?
She’ll love our Gold Figaro Chain as it matches her vintage inspired style. The romantic soul finds fashion inspiration in times gone by, so she’d definitely appreciate the design of the Venus Coin Necklace as it will remind her of old heirlooms.
The eternal traveller is that woman who lives out of her suitcase and who always seems to be on the road, embarking on new adventures. If she’s not travelling, she’s probably learning a new language or dreaming about her next trip, and she loves to tell you all about her never-ending bucket list. When you two meet up you have the best time listening to her fascinating stories about her time abroad.
What to gift her?
This globetrotter is mostly on the move so her style is most likely simple, comfortable and uncomplicated. Gift her a necklace that adds an interesting touch of detail to her looks and at the same time reflects her love for travelling, like our Silver Elephant Necklace, or choose for a talisman that’ll protect her on her journeys, like our Durga Coin Necklace in Gold.

The social butterfly is that woman in your life who’s not afraid to put herself in the spotlight, who’s sociable and loved for her friendliness. She’s always the life of the party (and organises the best parties and get-togethers herself) and is always up for a spontaneous adventure. You admire her for her confidence & cheerfulness, and she inspires you every day with her passion for life.
What to gift her?
Our Gold Sun Necklace is designed to celebrate those women who bring positive energy and warmth into your life, making it a thoughtful gift for the social butterfly type. She’d also love our Silver Aphrodite Coin Necklace, as it reflects her passionate way of living.

The Fashionista is that woman who’s always in-the-know about what’s hot and trending, from the latest fashion styles to the current food trends. She’s not afraid to get out of her comfort zone by experimenting with different styles and knows how to mix and match high fashion pieces with bargains she found in thrift shops or on vintage markets. You love to hang out with her in the weekends as she always knows about the best hot spots to go for brunch or cocktails.
What to gift her?
The Fashionista likes her jewellery to match the latest fashion, but also likes timeless and classic pieces that go with different styles so she can wear them for years. You’ll surely make this woman’s face light up by gifting her one of the season’s must-have pieces like our Gold T-Bar Necklace with Figaro Chain and our detailed Horseshoe Hoop Earrings.

Motivated, hardworking, independent… she’s all that! Instead of dreaming about her wedding day as a little girl, this woman dreamed about having her own business and pursuing her dreams and ambitions – “Be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry” is the motto she lives by. She likes her coffee strong, dresses to impress and inspires you with her can-do attitude.
What to gift her?
Let this strong woman know how much she inspires you by gifting her our Silver Moon Hoop Earrings, symbolic of female power and influence. Or why not gift her a Gold Key Necklace, a talisman for ambition, to encourage her to never stop dreaming big!

She’s admired by many for her wandering soul, her independency and her positive outlook on life. She lives passionately and marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s a dreamer who goes with her own flow and aims to connect with people on a deeper level. You admire her fearless and open-minded attitude and feel inspired by her to follow your own path and to create a life that you love.
What to gift her?
There’s nothing more important to the free spirit than freedom, so why not gift her our Silver Swallow Necklace, a talisman for freedom? She would also love our Gold Tree of Life Necklace, as it reminds her of her experiences have made her become the person she is today.

This woman is selfless, caring and compassionate – she’s a true gem! Having a soft heart and a kind soul, she’s the one you would go to for advice or support as you know she’s always there whenever you need her. What truly makes her happy is spending time with the ones she loves most, whether that’s her best friends or family, and finds energy in caring for others. You simply couldn’t live without her!  
What to gift her?
A suitable gift for this loving woman in your life would be a pair of Silver My Rock Stud Earrings – a thoughtful way of thanking her for always being there for you. She would also love the meaning behind the Positivity Feather Bracelet in Gold, a meaningful way of thanking her for inspiring you with her positive attitude.
Who are you treating with a meaningful piece of jewellery: the woman who inspires you with her positive attitude, the social butterfly who motivates you to truly live or the go-getter who empowers you each day?
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