Timeless & Cute Necklaces Every Girl Should Have

Over the past few years, fashion lovers and style bloggers have swapped big, colourful statement jewellery for minimal and cute pieces and there’s something very nostalgic about this trend. As a jewellery lover you might remember the very first time you went to a jeweller to pick out your favourite necklace. Chances are that you went for a classic and timeless heart necklace or a playful and dainty butterfly necklace. Over the years, your jewellery collection gradually started to grow – each individual piece representing a different chapter of your life. Together, they tell your story.
You probably held on to those precious necklaces because of their sentimental value and the nostalgic feelings they evoke. But what’s really the best thing about these cute, nostalgic necklaces is that they’re timeless. Their minimal and simple design makes them versatile and wearable pieces that go with any outfit, from bohemian to minimalistic and everything in between. That’s why we believe there’s no better gift to celebrate a milestone event in your loved one’s life than a cute pendant necklace. Each Muru necklace tells a different story, making them a meaningful gift. Whether you’re gifting a friend or treating yourself, here are our top 5 cute necklaces that every girl should add to their collection….
For New Adventures & Exciting Opportunities…
Some necklaces just go with any style, whether you’re wearing a basic white tee or a luxurious evening dress – this is one of those! And what better way to wish someone good luck with a new job or new academic year than gifting them this cute acorn necklace that they can wear to feel empowered and to have you close to their heart? Our Gold Acorn Choker is a talisman for new beginnings which will encourage the wearer to open their heart for new adventures and exciting opportunities. In a few years they’ll still love to wear this necklace as it will remind them how far they’ve come!
The Way to Your Heart…
That necklace your first love gave you on your first Valentine’s Day together is one that you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your significant other, your best friend or a family member that has a special place in your heart, there’s nothing more romantic than gifting them our Personalised Folded Heart Necklace to remind them of the unbreakable bond between you. A simple and cute heart necklace never goes out of style! In a few years from now your loved one will still like to wear this cute and beautiful piece to have you close to her heart.
A Gift That’ll Last For Years
Our coin necklaces are inspired by Greek and Roman mythology & religion and feature some of the most inspiring goddesses. In ancient Rome Venus was the goddess of love & beauty and she was believed to bring good luck. Now, many centuries later, we still like to wear a coin necklace to feel empowered by the goddess’ powers and feel inspired to believe in our own strength! That’s why we believe that our Venus Coin Necklace makes a perfect gift for a milestone in a loved one’s life, whether that’s her birthday, the start of her career or her wedding.
For the Women Who Are Beautiful Inside & Out
Looking for a wedding or bridesmaid gift that’s fashionable and sentimental at the same time? Our Mini Lotus Flower Necklace is designed to celebrate beauty & purity – making it a thoughtful gift for a loved one’s special day, like her wedding day. The necklace’s cute and simple design makes it a timeless piece that’ll elevate any outfit and make the wearer think back to that special day whenever they’re wearing it!
The Ultimate Layering Piece
If there’s one jewellery trend that you should know about as a jewellery lover, it’s the trend of layering up different cute necklaces. One piece that’s perfect for that is our Mini Drop Crescent Moon Necklace! It is designed to encourage female empowerment and will remind the wearer of their unlimited potential, making it a thoughtful gift for a woman entering a new phase in her life like starting university, moving abroad or starting a new career. She’ll wear this cute necklace for years and it’ll remind her to believe in herself!
Next time you’re looking for a gift to celebrate a milestone in a loved one’s life – or your own! – why not gift them one of these? Cute and delicate necklaces is a trend that will still be around many years from now and your loved ones will cherish & wear them for a long time!
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