We Can’t Get Enough of These Dainty Necklaces!

Sometimes the smallest and most delicate pieces make the biggest statement! Minimal and dainty necklaces is one of the key jewellery trends of the moment and we don’t think there’s any other type of jewellery that’s more timeless and versatile. Minimal jewellery creates an effortlessly chic look, whether you let your jewellery stand out alone or pair it with some bolder pieces to express your personal style.
They can be styled all year round – they easily dress up your go-to summer dresses and add an interesting touch to high neck knit jumpers in Autumn and Winter. The styling options really are endless!
As there are so many different styles to fall in love with, we decided to make life a bit easier for you. We gathered our absolute favourite pieces that we’re sure you’ll love, whether you’re a minimalist who wants to add a personal touch to an outfit or you’re looking for a few dainty pieces to layer with some chunky statement pieces to take your jewellery game to the next level. Whatever suits your signature style!
There’s Only One of You
Ever since Celine came out with their alphabet necklace, style bloggers and fashion fanatics from all over the world wanted to get their hands on initial pendant necklaces to add a personal touch to their style. Our dainty and delicate Initial Necklaces are the perfect alternative to those – more minimal, yet equally stylish! Their sentimental value makes them a unique gift for someone special that they’ll cherish for a long time. Choose between heart and disc charms to add a hand-stamped letter of the initial of someone close to you.
Anything Your Heart Desires
We’re convinced that heart-shaped jewellery is one of those things that just never goes out of style! The heart charm is a timeless piece that you can style with multiple outfits and wear all year round – no need to wait till Valentine’s Day! Add a romantic touch to a more edgy outfit or express your love for someone by gifting them a dainty heart necklace. Whether you’re looking for a heart pebble necklace or a heart bead chain necklace, we’ve got everything your heart desires!
Reach for the Stars with Our Dainty Star Necklaces ✶
The little star pendant represents hope and reminds us to always be the shining light in the darkness for ourselves or for others. This elegant and delicate piece is another favourite of ours! If you’re a sucker for celestial designs, we’re sure you’re going to love this one as well. The necklace looks beautiful worn alone as well as layered with another minimalist necklace, like one of our bead chain necklaces, or one of our goddess coin necklaces.
Dainty Moon Necklaces for a Mystical Look ☽
We’re in love with mystical and celestial jewellery, featuring stars and moons. Our best-selling Crescent Moon Necklaces symbolise female empowerment, making them the perfect gift for the brave and inspiring women in your life. Whether you’re looking or a gift for your best friend, your mother or your sister, a dainty and delicate moon necklace makes a thoughtful gift to empower them and remind them of the everlasting bond between you two!
Get that Perfect Layered Look
Why choose one necklace if you could easily style your favourite necklaces together? We love wearing multiple necklaces to create an effortlessly chic and unique layered look that reflects our personality. Our Bead Chain Necklaces are your go-to necklace if you want to give the layered look a try, as there’s really no end to their versatility. They come in different lengths, allowing you to pick out the perfect design to complement your pendant necklaces and create a look based on your mood or the occasion. We love layering them with our best-selling goddess coin necklaces!
Choose from our collection of dainty jewellery to elevate your looks and reflect your personality. Which one’s your favourite?
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