We’re supporting MumsAid this Mother’s Day!



Here at Muru, we want to support the inspiring and loving women that shape our lives. So this Mother’s Day, we’re teaming up with the amazing charity MumsAid, who provide pregnant women and new mothers with specialist counselling and support in times of need.

Why MumsAid’s work is vital….

• An estimated one in five women develop perinatal mental health problems during pregnancy & the first year after having a baby.
• Mental health issues affect two-thirds of pregnant young mums aged between 16 and 24 years.
 One in eight new mums are embarrassed to admit their true feelings due to the stigma surrounding perinatal mental health.

MumsAid’s support is key to improving the outcomes for women and enhancing their children’s long-term resilience, leading to a positive impact for their families.
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